So GQesque!

Dress for success, my dad used to say!  Never let your guard down because you never know who’s watching!  These are true words to live by.  I used to think that being so concerned about my physical outward appearance was so superficial, I hated having to look good for other people to be satisfied and […]

My Encounter With A Carpet Cleaner

I’ve been making it a point lately to try to keep my mind as open as possible, free from personal biases and free from past fears and experiences.  I want to be an open slate, a new, untouched piece of canvass ready to have an artist leave his best work on it.  I want to […]

Going for the Gold (Lambo)

Ok so I couldn’t stop admiring the beauty of this Lamborghini.  Its gold plating is like nothing i’ve ever seen before.  Its so unique and the power under the hood is probably equally as impressive and breathtaking!  This car represents so many things to me, things like opportunity, hard work, dedication, persistence, drive, focus and […]